Apple Pay用户现在可以使用比特币进行购买

Apple Pay users can now make purchases using Bitcoin
Apple Pay用户现在可以使用比特币进行购买

It looks like there’s no stopping Bitcoin from going mainstream. Everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency is now coming to Apple Pay. Bitcoin wallet BitPay is allowing users who subscribe to its Prepaid Mastercard service to add their cards to Apple Pay and Apple Wallet. In other words, these users can make Apple Pay transactions using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ether currently supported by BitPay.

看起来并没有阻止比特币成为主流。 每个人都喜欢的加密货币现在已经进入Apple Pay。 比特币钱包BitPay允许订阅其Prepaid Mastercard服务的用户将其卡添加到Apple Pay和Apple Wallet。 换句话说,这些用户可以使用比特币和其他加密货币(例如BitPay当前支持的以太币)进行Apple Pay交易。