Self-discipline keynote speech(关于自律的英语演讲稿)

Self-discipline keynote speech(关于自律的英语演讲稿)


Self-discipline is a strength within us and a necessary condition for our success! The following is a draft of the self-discipline topic I want to share with you, welcome to browse.

Self-discipline keynote speech 第一篇

Dear teacher, dear classmate :

Hello everyone!

Today, the title of my speech is “I learned self-discipline.”

Self-discipline means restraining yourself. In simple terms, self-discipline means taking care of yourself. Because the river water has a river bed, it can avoid flooding everywhere and eventually flow to the sea of ​​dreams. Because of the navigation system, ships will not lose their way.Eventually headed for the other side of victory. Usually, yes Dad Mother is holding us around, but mom and dad cannot always be with us. We always leave our mom and dad and always start our own independent life. Self-discipline is like a river bed, like a navigator, we only learnWith self-discipline, we can avoid going astray and eventually succeed. So, we must learn to be self-disciplined. For example, let ’s play computer. Like many classmates, I also like to play with computer, often it is an hour when I play. Mom always said to me,Playing with a computer for a long time is not good for the eyes, affects eyesight, and the computer has radiation, which will affect physical health. Once, my parents were not at home and I took the opportunity to play the computer again. Unconsciously, an hour passed. At this timeIn my ear, what my mother told me, I thought, “If you play with my eyes as myopia and wear glasses, then you will be in trouble! So I restrained the temptation of the computer to me, without hesitation.The computer is off! For example, keep yourself in check and do n’t waste money. There are many small shops around our school, which are tempting and sell all kinds of snacks and toys.There are colorful lollipops. Once I saw my classmates buying snacks and eating them with great taste, I was eager to try, and I wanted to buy some snacks to solve the problem. Just in hesitation, I remembered what my mother said, do n’t buy snacks.When I ate, I managed myself and didn’t buy it!

I am glad that I have learned self-discipline and can control myself. I believe: self-discipline can help me grow up healthily!

Self-discipline keynote speech 第二篇

Dear teachers and dear students :

Good morning!

Today, the title of my speech is “Towards Success in Self-Regulation.”

“Self-discipline” may not be understood by some students. “Self” means self, “Law” means restraint, and “Self-discipline” means restraint yourself. When Lu Xun was studying in Sanwei Bookstore, his father was ill and he was readingWhile taking care of the housework, he often ran between the pawnshop and the drugstore. One day he was late, and his husband sternly said, “You must not be late!” After listening, he didn’t explain anything, and returned to the table and carved aThe word “early”, since then, he is no longer late, and has grown up to become more and more outstanding, becoming a famous writer in China and abroad. The word “early” is not only engraved on the table, but also deeply in Lu Xun’s heart.Self-discipline makes him a gentleman; it is self-discipline that makes him the leader of the times; it is self-discipline that makes him the soul of the nation!

Classmates, although we have teacher education and teacher management at school, more need self-discipline, and learning is more expensive and conscious! People are inert, and each wants to be relaxed and free., But it is those who always think about light and free, the life in the future is the most difficult and unsatisfactory! Because, there is never anything in the world that can be gained without work, and the world has never fallen. Some things are very important.Yes, we have to do it, but some people really do n’t want to do it. For example: study, cleaning. Some things are also important, we really ca n’t do it, but some people are very willing to do it, even secretly. For example: talk in class, talk at bedtime,Littering. All of this requires us to actively discipline ourselves. We need to learn from Lu Xun and the show. We must not be drivers who run through red lights. Only with self-discipline can we constantly overcome ourselves, constantly surpass ourselves, and only with self-discipline. WeIn order to gradually achieve success and realize the dream in my heart. Here, I want to ask you three requirements, that is, three “one kind”There are no teachers and teachers in a sample; a classroom and extracurricular kind; the school with a campus-like.

Finally, let us encourage each other with self-discipline and succeed in self-discipline! Thank you!

Self-discipline keynote speech 第三篇

Dear teacher, dear students :

Hello everyone!

The title of my speech today is “Self-discipline.”

As a student, we should “be determined to speak first, cultivate our soul first”. The ancient people ’s words and words revealed the importance of self-discipline. Everyone walking in this bewildering world is bound to be affected by variousThe temptation of desire. In fact, at the moment of making a decision, personal value has been fixed. If you want to sublimate yourself, let change begin now.

Self-discipline is, in another sense, prudent independence. It means that when people live alone, they can also consciously be strict with themselves, treat their thoughts and actions carefully, and prevent unethical desires and behaviors.Occurs, so that morality always accompanies the subject at all times. Learning self-discipline is to control your thoughts and desires. “Time is like water in a sponge, there is always a squeeze.” Mr. Lu Xun said this sentenceWords really did this—timeliness and self-discipline. Being late when you were young was reprimanded by the teacher— “If you are still late, do n’t come again later.” He answered, silently carved on the corner of the tableOne “early” and one that is engraved in my heart, and never been late, this is a kind of self-discipline. With self-discipline, we will go further to our goals. Some classmates give up because they are unsatisfactory for a while;Some classmates have a small difference in class and are called by the teacher to talk after class. Even some classmates encounter difficulties rather than go up to difficulties, but quit halfway and retreat. But there must be such people who will never be lateRetreat, be punctual and self-disciplined; they never get dirty and be self-disciplined; they never ask for leave, and they are unhurried. These little trivial matters highlight their stricter self-discipline. Every little thing is their success.step.

In fact, self-discipline is simple to speak, and action requires perseverance. Without the support of willpower, self-discipline is a piece of paper; without the support of willpower, self-discipline is a flower without roots and cannot survive; without the support of willpower, self-discipline is only in the seaDriftwood, following the current, can’t find the other side of success. So willpower is also very important. In fact, exercising perseverance is not a difficult and arduous chore. All it takes is a little action. When you take the exam before the exam,Study hard, in the silence of yourself, think of your goals when you ca n’t keep up; when you are too tired to run and run, you can encourage yourself to cheer for yourself. Willpower is actuallyIt is in the continuous accumulation of small things. So let’s start from today, start with small things. Let these little things converge into a river, so that the word “self-discipline” is really imprinted in my heart.

My speech is over, thank you all!


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