Parent’s speech for the next semester of the class(家长会班级的演讲)

Parent's speech for the next semester of the class(家长会班级的演讲)
Speaking note 1 for Parents’ Meeting in the next semester of the class
Dear parents :

Good evening! Before the start of this parent meeting, first of all, I would like to express a warm welcome to the arrival of parents. I believe that all parents here today are very concerned about your child’s study and living in the park, because this timeBefore the meeting, many parents did not have time to communicate with our teachers at home or school because of their busy work. Thank you for taking the time to attend this parent meeting.

Introduce yourself, my surname is Shen, and I will be the class teacher of this class. In the freshman class, I and Mr. Mai are responsible for the teaching and conservation of the class. Since I came to this class, I have your support and cooperation.The children have made great progress in all aspects, and I hope that we will continue to cooperate in the future and work together to make the children reach a higher level in all aspects! The content of our meeting today is as follows :

I. Cultivate children’s independence.

Everyone knows that children will go to elementary school in September. Teachers will help them in their kindergarten life, but all elementary school students need to take care of themselves. So we need to cultivate children’s self-care ability, including quilting and self-wrapping.Finishing homework, toy school bags, dressing, etc. Basically most young children can basically do it, and they do it very carefully, but there are a few that can’t be done. So I hope parents can let your childDoing things by yourself, overcoming dependence, and developing self-care ability, this is also the first step in cultivating young children to learn. Also provide a place for children to learn, schoolbags, textbooks, workbooks, stationery, toys after playing must let childrenTo organize, parents can guide, but do not arrange instead. Whether it is between children or between children and teachers, we must encourage young children to interact with others, learn to express, and must pass a little thing in life practice, Experience, and experience, let the child understand from the heart, do their own things.

II. Cultivating good behavior of children

1 Cultivate the child’s correct writing posture, teach the child the correct writing method, and correct the incorrect writing posture in time.

2 Cultivating the child’s self-protection ability is the specific performance of the child’s protection and resilience when the child is in danger or may be in danger. Preventing accidents, ensuring the child’s physical and mental health, and allowing the child to remember 119,The most basic numbers such as 120 and 110 and their meanings. Another is the home phone number.

3 Cultivate children’s habit of cleaning, hygienic, non-rolling, no littering and no wall painting. Some parents in our class may be too busy, and their children ’s nails are very busy.I have n’t noticed it for a long time, I hope parents can take a moment to help with pruning.

4 Cultivate children’s basic ideological and behavioral habits, form a good start for the child’s character and personality, conduct polite education to children how to deal with interpersonal relationships with peers, patriotic education, and some simple rules of moral behaviorSuch as educating children to take care of stationery, books, flowers, trees, etc.. Parents are required to cooperate to check whether their children bring toys into the park when they come to the park, so as to prevent children from playing with toys in class and affecting their attention.

Third, young convergence work.

two more months for children Graduation In order for children to smoothly and naturally adapt to elementary school life, teachers and parents need to work together and cooperate with each other to prepare children for the mental and behavioral preparations for school. To overcome the purposeless play of the past, it is necessary toBegan to focus on purposeful and systematic learning. Overcome dependence in life, cultivate independence, and improve self-care ability. Although it is said to gradually transition to primary school, it is by no means a primary school life, we still have to maintain kindergartenDo n’t put pressure on your children too early. Teaching in large classes gradually moves closer to 45 minutes of elementary school time.

Weekly schedule: 2 math activities, 2 language activities, 2 art activities, 2 music activities, 2 common sense activities, 1 physical activity, 2 pinyin activities, 1 health activity, social activity 1Each.

Daily activity schedule :

8: 00–8: 30 morning exercise.

8:30-9:00 breakfast, free activities after meals.

9: 00-9: 30 the first teaching activity.

The second teaching activity from 9:30 to 10:00.

10:00-11:00; outdoor activities.

11:00-11:20 activities before lunch.

12:00-14:40 lunch break.

15:30-16:00 afternoon teaching activities.

16:00-16:30 outdoor activities.

16: 30-17: 30 leave the park.

IV. Contents and requirements that require parental cooperation.

1. When the child comes to school, ask the parents to check whether they bring dangerous goods, such as buttons, knives, bracelets, necklaces. If the child brings medicine, please give it to the teacher to explain clearly, or write a small note.

2. If your phone number changes, please tell us in time, so as not to be contacted in case of emergency.

3. Don’t let your child be absent for no reason and be late, so as not to affect your child’s learning. If your child is emotionally unstable or uncomfortable at home, please tell the teacher in time when you send your child to school so that we can pay attention to the child, To avoid accidents, of course, you must stay at home to observe the fever, make sure the child is OK before going to school.

4. For safety, do n’t buy breakfast in the morning to bring your child to kindergarten. Try to let the child go back to kindergarten to eat.

5, do a good job of learning for children. Children’s knowledge in kindergartens, I hope parents can help review and consolidate that evening.

V. Concluding remarks

10 children with 10 personalities, not to mention there are 23 lively and lovely children in our class, so it is even more necessary for you and us to strengthen home ties in the future, so that children can be happier and more fulfilled every day. Children are the motherlands future Family I hope that the health of each child is the wish of all of us. With your support and understanding, our work can proceed normally. At the same time, I thank you for your understanding and support. Only with your understanding can you communicate.Children can get better development in communication, and education of children depends on us all! Parents, our teachers sincerely hope that every child can grow up healthy and happy in kindergarten, but sometimes there are poor careI also ask parents to forgive me. If you have any suggestions or comments, you can directly submit them to us, and we will accept your valuable opinions with an open mind, or we will chat like family and friends to discuss the best way to educate children. Thank youeveryone!

Speaking draft 2 of Parents’ Meeting in the next semester of the class

Parents :

Hello! First of all, on behalf of the two teachers in the freshman class, I extend a warm welcome to you and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in this parent meeting. This has made us feel that you are very kind to us.Understanding and support of work, and a concern for your children, it is with your trust, understanding, and support that our work can proceed smoothly. Here, I sincerely say to you: Thank you. Thank you sincerelyYour enthusiastic support, and at the same time, I hope you can continue to care and support our work as always.

I would also like to ask parents to cooperate with us :

1. Contact more.

Parents should urge the children to insist on coming to the garden every day, and ask for leave in advance if necessary. It is also possible to call without calling in person. Our office’s phone number is **, my phone **, and Mr. Wang’s phone is **. If youPlease tell us in time if there is a change in your phone number, so as not to be contacted in case of emergency.

2. Security issues.

In order to ensure the personal safety of young children, parents are requested to check whether they bring dangerous items such as buttons, knives, small accessories, etc. when they come to the park. This item is very important, because the young child is young, and he will see fun and beautiful thingsBring kindergarten to the children, their starting point is good, but if you bring dangerous things, you ca n’t think of the consequences.

3. Seating problems.

Some parents are very concerned about where the child is sitting. Please rest assured. We usually arrange the seats to be arranged tall and short, boys and girls, and introverted and introverted children to sit together. Individual children if there is visual impairment or hearing impairmentWe will pay special attention to it. We will try our best to consider a comprehensive, one or two week seat adjustment. Text, come. Origin, from. Gui, State. Learn, Xi. Net, change once. So please do not worry.

4. Pick up and drop off children.

It is best not to let others pick up the child. If there is something, please call us in advance and describe the appearance of the person who picks up the child.

5. Homework.

The homework must be completed on time. The completion here refers to the child’s own completion. Parents only guide and supervise, not you to complete. Of course, there are also homework to be completed by you, but generally there are relatively few. I will specifically tell the children to tell you. In this casePlease also complete it on time and set a good example for your children.

6. Home Contact Book.

The home contact book is another channel for our communication. We will reflect the monthly performance of the child in the garden, please be sure to report the child’s performance at home to us. Let us understand each other. Some parents are more busy and feel thatAnnoyance, please do n’t think like this, in fact, it does n’t take much time for you. You think: you only need to fill in one, and our two teachers have to discuss and fill in 74 together. We are also to better understand your child., Educate your children. Only in this way can the homeland reach a consensus, form a joint force of education, and jointly achieve our goals. With your support and understanding, our work can proceed normally. Please rest assured that we will do our best to take care of youThank you for your understanding and support. With understanding, you can communicate. Only in communication can children be better developed. Educating children depends on all of us working together.

Parents, our teachers sincerely hope that each child can grow up healthy and happy in the kindergarten, but sometimes there are places that are not well taken care of, and where they are not, please be forgiving and understanding.If you have any suggestions or opinions, you can directly submit them to us. We will accept your valuable opinions with an open mind and do our best to do our work. Today, what you and me give is to lay a solid foundation for the child’s life and it is for the childLay the foundation for a happy life. Let us encourage each other. Please criticize and correct the inappropriateness. Thank you!

Third session of the parent class next semester speech draft
Dear parents :

Good evening! It’s our parents ‘meeting once a semester, and it is also our last parent meeting in kindergarten. First of all, we welcome everyone’s arrival here, and parents’ understanding, support and help to kindergarten and class work.Express my heartfelt thanks! Chinese New Year After that, we ushered in a new semester. This semester is the last semester of a child’s life in a kindergarten, and it is also a very important and crucial semester before the children enter primary school. Let’s discuss together how to make children go smoothlyInto the elementary school. As teachers, we will be more patient, careful, and serious, and do our best to cultivate children’s abilities in all aspects, so that children can successfully complete the transition of young children.

I. The completion of various tasks last semester.

First of all, a brief review of the development of children last semester :

The semester in the big class is a turning point for children. Because children participate in normal kindergarten teaching activities, they have also added Pinyin teaching and math-related writing tasks. At the beginning, some parents were worried and did not knowCan their own children master the lessons learned? For children, learning to add content is also a challenge for them, especially for writing. It is necessary to write small pinyin letters and numbers in small and fine grids.It is not easy for them. Through the semester of study in the large class, the children’s progress is very great. Now the children have passed the difficult period of writing. Each child has achieved a certain level at his original level.Progress, many children write very well, and most of the children in the class have the consciousness of preparing to become a qualified elementary school student.

Specific performance: children’s ability to take care of themselves has improved significantly. Most children can properly put on and take off their clothes and shoes, will keep their school supplies, organize their jackets and school bags, and will consciously put the public in the classroom.Learning tools and materials. With their own efforts and the support of parents, the children have achieved gratifying results and successfully completed the tasks of the previous semester.

Cultivate good learning habits for young children, use a variety of forms of encouragement, and initially develop active learning habits. At the same time, we focus on cultivating young children to master correct writing postures, especially their holding pen posture. At present, most of the classInfants develop the correct posture for holding a pen. Focus on cultivating good listening and self-control abilities of children, make full use of the time before meals, after meals, and before leaving the school, organize early reading and writing exercises for children, and make connections in advanceWork. We also educate children on safety precautions, starting with every little thing around them, combining their own life experience, and carrying out a variety of activities that are beneficial to children in a targeted and step-by-step manner, reminding children that accidents are always around them.With the method of “point and face”, children’s safety awareness is improved, children learn some necessary protective measures, know simple physical protection methods, and avoid accidents as much as possible. Make children realize that they want to have fun and play safely.

Although our class has achieved certain results this semester, there are certain shortcomings: for example, some children are more self-centered, do not like to help others to do things, and lack dedication. Individual children ’s habit of taking lessonsGreat, unfocused in class, individual children’s consciousness of active learning is poor, and the teacher’s supervision is required to complete the learning content. Individual children’s ability to organize school bags at home is slightly worse. When they return to kindergarten, they often forget to bring this.That one.

2, various teaching plans for this semester

The educational content of this semester is the content of 4 volumes of the provincial textbook “Children’s Book”, Pinyin, Mathematics, English, etc. Let me briefly introduce the content of Pinyin teaching this semester. This semester learns the complex vowels and recognizes the syllables as a whole, Plus some simple literacy teaching. Focus on practicing syllable spelling and writing. It should be said that spelling is more important. To give you a suggestion, syllable spelling, we must integrate it into life, such as seeing home, roadYou can spell the things you read, or you can use the express in the supermarket to let the children cut out the products, paste them on the notebook, and then let the children use the pinyin. Stimulate the child’s interest.

III. Relevant issues on the connection of young children.

The next semester of the big class is the key period for the connection of young children. In this semester, we need to do the following work with our children.

1. Prepare your child’s psychological preparation for primary school. During the break, parents can take their children to nearby primary schools to visit, introduce related primary school life, and give children the desire to become elementary school students.

2. Cultivate children’s sense of independence. The kindergarten life is loose, and after elementary school, the learning mode becomes classroom education. During the break, it is fully free. You must organize your schoolbags, drink water, and go to school yourself.Toilets, do your own work, and find solutions to your own difficulties and problems. Therefore, you ca n’t rely on your parents and teachers to learn and live. You must slowly learn to survive, live, learn, and work.

3. Cultivate the self-service ability of prospective elementary school students. After entering primary school, preschool children will feel that they are different in all aspects compared to kindergarten life. For example, one obvious difference is that in primary school, many things are needed for childrenTake care of yourself by yourself, for example: remember your homework, open your shoelaces and tie your own, when it rains, you must umbrella, carry your own schoolbag, and organize your schoolbag according to the curriculum. These things are rarely asked by elementary school teachers,To teach children, they need to have some self-service ability before entering school.

4. Strengthen the child’s self-management ability in learning. Parents should teach their children general knowledge about school life, and require their children to take care of and organize their schoolbags. Let children know how to cherish time and complete their homework independently.

5. Cultivate the child’s attention. The child has 40 minutes for each class after school. The child needs to concentrate on listening and listening. Now parents need to train their children to quietly and focus on doing a certain thing.

6. Cultivate children’s regular life. To let children understand what time should be done, and must do well; when can’t do anything, we must control their desires and behaviors.

7. Let children learn to suffer setbacks, learn to endure, and share with children.

IV. Several matters requiring parental cooperation.

1. Pay management fees in a timely manner. Please troubleshoot your child’s management fees before the 20th of each month. Otherwise, the accounting office will often rush.

2. Enter the park in the morning and leave the park in the afternoon must be on time. In order to allow children to participate in morning activities and not delay normal teaching activities, I hope that parents come to the park on time. Try to let the children arrive before 8:50. If there isSpecial circumstances and teachers explain in advance, leave the park as soon as possible after picking up the park in the afternoon.

3. Parents do a good job of checking the children before entering the park, such as checking if there is anything dangerous or eating in the children’s clothes pockets, observing the children’s emotions, touching the children’s foreheads, etc. Also in daily lifeCultivate children’s communication skills and learn to deal with some simple small conflicts. Educate children to be tolerant and learn to forgive others.

4. If your phone number changes, please tell us in time, so as not to be contacted in case of emergency.

5. Young children cannot relax.

Our teacher is facing the whole class of children, and we can only give guidance for many things, so parental guidance is very important, such as: children’s writing, reading, and calculation. Parents can provide guidance. There are individualParents seeing their children do not do their homework, they use a frightening method, “I do n’t do homework anymore, I will do what you like, maybe do it quickly, after the mother buys you something or something”, this will cause the child to feel that learningIt ’s a task. It ’s all done. Maybe I think learning is a kind of transaction. I did it. When I learn, I will definitely get what I want. This will slowly make the child develop a bad habit.I hope parents do n’t educate their children in this way. The best way to connect with young children is to cultivate their children ’s good habits, not advance learning. Advance learning does affect children ’s interest in learning in the future.In fact, most of the problems are learning habits, which cannot be solved by advanced learning. Children’s kindergarten life is only a few months left. Children canWell into primary school, which plays a key role in a few months. I hope parents do not supervise their children relax in the coming months. Young up work to do.

Thank you parents for their active participation. Any good suggestions or opinions, please welcome us to submit, we are very grateful.


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