苹果发布新款小屏廉价iPhone SE,售价399美元起

The iPhone SE comes in three colors and costs$399

今天小编给大家推荐的中英双语新闻是关于科技巨头苹果的,苹果发布新款小屏廉价iPhone SE,售价399美元起。

The iPhone SE comes in three colors and costs$399

Apple’s entry-level iPhone has been one of the worst-kept secrets in tech,with rumors swirling for months about an iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9.It turns out,both names were wrong.On Wednesday,Apple unveiled a new iPhone SE with a 4.7-inch display as a follow-up to the original iPhone SE,released four years ago.The new iPhone SE is essentially an iPhone 11 stuffed into the revamped body of an iPhone 8.Like the original SE,the new phone will start at$399–$50 cheaper than the discontinued iPhone 8,which,until this week,was the least expensive iPhone you could buy new.

在关于iPhone SE 2或iPhone 9席卷几个月的小道消息下,苹果公司即将发布入门级iPhone无疑是科技届一个众所周知的秘密。实际上,传言中所使用的两种命名均不正确。本周三,苹果揭开了新iPhone SE的神秘面纱。作为四年前发布的初代iPhone SE的后续版本,新iPhone SE搭载了一块4.7英寸显示屏。新iPhone SE基本上可以看作是将iPhone 11塞进了iPhone 8的机身中,而外形设计只有细微改动。正如其初代一样,新iPhone SE起售价为399美元——相比已下架的iPhone 8而言便宜了50美元。在本周前,iPhone 8是你能够买到的最便宜的非二手iPhone手机。

You can preorder the iPhone SE from Friday April 17,and it should arrive by April 24.

新iPhone SE于4月17日(周五)起开启预订,首批预计到货时间为4月24日前。

The new SE will come in three colors(black,white and Product Red)and three storage options(64GB for$399,128GB for$449 and 256GB for$549).International prices start at£419 and AU$749.Proceeds from the Product Red version will support coronavirus relief efforts.

新iPhone SE共提供三种颜色(黑色、白色和红色)以及三种存储容量选项(64 GB版本售价399美元,128 GB版本售价449美元,256 GB版本售价549美元)。国际部分其它地区起售价分别为419英镑和749澳元。红色版本收益将用以支持抗击新冠疫情。

The phone has two main audiences:budget-conscious buyers who aren’t interested in paying$799 for an iPhone 11(much less$999 for a Pro or$1,099 for a Pro Max)and those who prefer compact phones.

这款手机主要面向两大人群:因预算有限而无意选购售价高达799美元的iPhone 11(更不必说售价999美元的iPhone 11 Pro和999美元的iPhone 11 Pro Max)的消费者,以及偏爱小尺寸手机的消费者。

“When it was planning this product,Apple couldn’t have known it would land in a market in complete turmoil as a result of the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic,”CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood said.”Although the new iPhone SE was undoubtedly designed to take the fight to Android rivals,it now also offers a more affordable iPhone at a time when many consumers will find it hard to justify spending$1,000 or more on one of Apple’s flagship devices.”

“当苹果公司规划这款产品时,他们不可能想到在它发布之时手机市场会因新冠疫情大暴发而翻天覆地,”CCS Insight分析师本·伍德(Ben Wood)评论称,“尽管新iPhone SE无疑是为对抗安卓阵营中的竞争者而设计推出的,但它也在如今广大消费者都难以接受在一部苹果旗舰手机上花费1000美元甚至更多之时提供了价格更为亲民的iPhone机型。”

Instead of hosting a flashy event in March,as previously expected,Apple introduced the new phone in a press release on Wednesday.It joins companies around the globe that have moved away from big events to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.Apple revealed its new MacBook Air and iPad Pro with a similar announcement in March.

本周三,苹果公司选择通过新闻发布会推出新款iPhone,而非如之前众所期待的在三月举办一场高调的发布活动。苹果公司这一举动表明其与全球众多公司一样,为防止新型冠状病毒传播而避免举办大型活动。在三月份,苹果公司也是通过类似方式发布了其新款MacBook Air和iPad Pro.

The new iPhone SE has many of the features found in the more expensive iPhone 11 and 11 Pro,like an A13 Bionic processor,Qi wireless charging,haptic touch and a True Tone display(though the SE doesn’t have an OLED screen like its two Pro siblings).The new phone has a single rear 12-megapixel camera with a 28-millimeter f/1.8 lens with Portrait Mode,Smart HDR and optical image stabilization.It’s similar to the main camera found on the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

新iPhone SE的许多特性与价格高昂的iPhone 11和iPhone 11 Pro相同,如搭载有A13仿生处理器、支持Qi无线充电、haptic touch触控技术和原彩显示(尽管新iPhone SE并不使用两款Pro机型所使用的OLED屏幕)。新iPhone SE后置一颗28 mm焦距、f/1.8光圈的1200万像素单摄,支持人像模式、智能HDR和光学防抖。在颗后置镜头与iPhone 11和iPhone 11 Pro所搭载的后置主摄镜头规格相近。


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