Some Things Nobody Tells You About Starting a Business

Ideas are worthless. No investor is going to throw money at your awesome idea. 99% of investors will rather back a ridiculous startup with good KPIs than an awesome idea with no traction.


Startups fail. Yeah, you’ve probably heard that before. Anyhow, you’ll still be shocked how many of your “startup friends”, who founded at the same time as you with big aspirations, won’t survive the first few years.


Once you’ve built a six-figure business, you realize how unimpressive it actually is.


It’s super easy to burn a lot of money. Once you start hiring people, money goes away faster than you can count.


Even when you become profitable, you’re still in “startup mode.” Nothing is guaranteed. Ever.


Your real-life friends have no clue how a startup works. “Are you profitable yet?” will be one of the standard questions you’ll need to answer.


For the first year, year and a half or so, expect to sleep less, eat worse, go to the gym less, and barely touch your hobbies.


You will start to understand why 99% of people have no interest in becoming entrepreneurs and would rather just work a job they enjoy.


Cash is king, and the moment your monthly payroll exceeds 2 months of runway in your bank account, you’re toeing a dangerous line—and your strategy needs to be to stack cash as quickly and efficiently as possible.


People in your life, even those you truly care about and are close to you, will have very little patience for your “problems.” They’ll see the aspects of entrepreneurship everybody talks about: freedom, being your own boss, etc. What they won’t see, and simply can’t see, are all the other challenges that come with those select freedoms.


You’re always working. I do take enough free time to spend evenings with my wife or my friends, but there’s a key difference: When they go home they go to sleep, while I most often start my notebook and continue to work until after midnight.



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