TikTok trying to convince govt to lift ban by complying with IT rules

TikTok has been meeting with Indian government officials and is hopeful that the ban on it will be lifted as it has told the authorities that it will fully comply with the new IT Rules, according to a report by ThePrint quoting anonymous sources. Moreover, the decision of U.S. president Joe Biden to scrap Trump’s order seeking to ban the app has also given hope to TikTok that global sentiments towards it will improve.

据 ThePrint 援引匿名消息人士的报道称,TikTok 一直在与印度政府官员会面,并希望取消禁令,因为它已告诉当局将完全遵守新的 IT 规则。 此外,美国总统乔拜登决定取消特朗普试图禁止该应用程序的命令,也给 TikTok 带来了希望。


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