DCM董事总经理魏萌去世 疑与“精神控制组织”有关?

DCM董事总经理魏萌去世 疑与“精神控制组织”有关?
Death of Chinese venture capitalist suspected to be linked to mind control organization
DCM董事总经理魏萌去世 疑与“精神控制组织”有关?

DCM董事总经理魏萌去世 疑与“精神控制组织”有关?

Wei Meng, Principal at DCM, a global venture capital firm, has reportedly died after fainting during a training course on Saturday night, igniting heated arguments over whether the training program uses mind controlling techniques.

Wei, 32 years old and mother of two children, died in the early hours of Tuesday, Chinese news site finance.sina.com.cn reported. She passed out in class on Saturday when participating in LEGACY, a training program provided by a Beijing firm called Chengquan Culture. “The course is close to mind controlling. [It] amplifies weaknesses and negative feelings to enable control,” according to the report, citing unidentified sources familiar with the matter.





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