YouTube 限制内容创作者选择广告格式

YouTube restricts advertisement format selection for content creators
YouTube 限制内容创作者选择广告格式

YouTube is set to make significant changes to advertisement controls for creators, limiting their ability to choose specific ad formats for new videos. Starting in November, YouTube will only allow creators to select whether ads appear before or after a video, while the platform will decide which ad types to display “when appropriate.” This change could impact creators’ revenue and disappoint those seeking finer control over their content’s monetization.
YouTube 将对创作者的广告控件进行重大更改,限制他们为新视频选择特定广告格式的能力。从 11 月开始,YouTube 将只允许创作者选择是在视频之前还是之后展示广告,而平台将决定“在适当的时候”展示哪些广告类型。这一变化可能会影响创作者的收入,并让那些寻求更好地控制其内容变现的人感到失望。


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