Apple 承认 iPhone 14 Pro 显示错误,将通过软件更新修复

iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro display hit by bug, acknowledges Apple; promises to release software update to fix it


American tech giant Apple has acknowledged a display bug in its iPhone 14 Pro smartphone after a growing number of users reported a strange display issue when booting up or unlocking their devices. According to GSM Arena, a tech-news-related website, green and yellow horizontal lines appear on the screen that disappears later on during the startup process, so it’s not damaging the user experience completely, if at all.

美国科技巨头苹果公司承认其iPhone 14 Pro智能手机存在显示错误,因为越来越多的用户报告在启动或解锁设备时出现了奇怪的显示问题。据科技新闻相关网站GSM Arena报道,在启动过程中,屏幕上出现绿色和黄色的横线,后来消失了,所以即使有,也不会过多损害用户体验。

iPhone 14 Pro


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