iPhone 15 Pro Max 供不应求,部分国家地区要等到11月才能拿到货

iPhone 15 Pro Max to be delivered in November in some countries due to huge demand: Reports
iPhone 15 Pro Max 供不应求,部分国家地区要等到11月才能拿到货

After a long waiting period, the iPhone 15 series launched on September 12, 2023, during its global event. After the launch, the company has faced difficulties in keeping up with the demand as having a lower supply of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The pre-orders started on September 14, and since then, many countries like Japan, China, and some USA. The customers will have to wait till November to get their devices.
经过长时间的等待,iPhone 15系列在2023年9月12日的全球发布会上发布。发布后,供不应求。预定从9月14日开始,许多国家如日本中国美国的一些地区的客户将不得不等到11月才能拿到他们的iphone


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