OpenAI applies for GPT-6, GPT-7 trademarks in China

Artificial intelligence powerhouse OpenAI, which took the world by storm a year ago with its ChatGPT app, is applying for trademarks in China under the names ‘GPT-6’ and ‘GPT-7’.

In a strategic move indicative of its commitment to advancing artificial intelligence (AI), OpenAI has recently applied for trademarks for GPT-6 and GPT-7 in China. This follows the company’s earlier trademark applications for GPT-4 and “Whisper.” Despite OpenAI’s services not being accessible in China, this proactive step underscores the company’s global vision and its continual efforts to push the boundaries of AI technology in launching the next tranche of LLMs.
OpenAI 最近在中国申请了 GPT-6 和 GPT-7 的商标,这表明其致力于推进人工智能 (AI) 的战略举措。在此之前,该公司早先对 GPT-4 和“Whisper”进行了商标申请。尽管OpenAI的服务在中国无法使用,但这一积极举措凸显了该公司的全球视野,以及该公司在推出下一批LLM时不断努力突破人工智能技术的界限。

OpenAI’s Trademark Applications in China
OpenAI, a leading force in the field of AI, has submitted trademark applications for GPT-6 and GPT-7 in China. The applications are currently under review and fall under class 9, covering apparatus and instruments for scientific or research purposes, and class 42, encompassing technological services and design. The filings reflect OpenAI’s dedication to staying at the forefront of AI technology globally.
人工智能领域的领军力量OpenAI已在中国提交了GPT-6和GPT-7的商标申请。这些申请目前正在审查中,属于第9类,涵盖用于科学或研究目的的仪器,以及第42类,包括技术服务和设计。这些文件反映了 OpenAI 致力于保持全球人工智能技术的最前沿。


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