TikTok利用外部网页完美绕过了 30% 的“苹果税”

TikTok allegedly bypassing Apple App Store fees

TikTok, the video-sharing platform owned by ByteDance, is offering a unique method to select users, for purchasing coins used for tipping content creators. This new feature appears to circumvent the usual 30% commission fee charged by Apple’s App Store. Users are presented with messages such as “Try recharging on tiktok.com to avoid in-app service fees” and “You can save the service fee and get access to popular payment methods.”
字节跳动旗下视频应用 TikTok 已经开始小范围测试一种让用户通过tiktok.com外部网页来直接充值金币的选项,这一选项不经过苹果 App Store 应用内购系统,所以完美绕过了 30% 的“苹果税”。


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